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Listen to the wisdom within

The Alchemy of Embodiment is a space for men and women on the spiritual path to enter into reconnection with their bodies by incorporating simple, yet powerful practices into their daily lives.

Wisdom comes from deep within at the core of our bodies.

Here, you are offered space to reconnect with yourself in ways often overlooked in our modern world, cultivating self-connection, inner peace and radical acceptance in a safe environment.

The practices contained here will support you to navigate life with much more ease and freedom, so when overwhelming challenges come your way you will know exactly how to find your center!

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Our Journey together:


Embodiment Principals

This mini-course on the Embodiment Principals will make embodiment simple and easy, removing any guessing game! You will learn how to approach embodiment in your daily life from very easy-to-follow steps. This will change your awareness around your body and the way how you relate to yourself!

Moving with our emotions

This series will guide you to deeply understand how to be, move or transmute your emotional state.


Moving with the elements

Together we will dive into the mysteries of our bodies using embodiment tools guided by the 4 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, and Air). You will leave each session with a deeper understanding on how these elements relate to and can support us in our lives.

Monthly Live Circles

Our monthly online Breathwork and Embodiment Circles are a great opportunity to connect with our community of like-minded people while practicing embodiment tools! This will offer a real-time and face-to-face connection.

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Embodiment Library

If you ever miss a live Embodiment Circle, do not worry, in this space you will find all the recorded Embodiment Circles, plus some cool extra short classes! All to support your journey to reconnecting with your body!

Bonus Yoga Library

Yes. Yoga is a powerful embodiment tool! That's why I've decided to add here this library where you can choose from over 20 Yoga classes, ranging from Power Flow, Slow Flow and YinYoga

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Sneak Peek

Embodiment Studio

Check out what the Embodiment Studio looks like from the inside!

And our library keeps growing monthly, so you will never run out of options!

Mobile Version in the Demo Video 

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What people say

about Lailla's workshops and offerings

Embodiment Studio: Testimonials

“It really was the first time when I felt free enough in a course to look NOT after what the other people are doing/contributing/movement skills but being present with my body - a huge game change 💕 the little breakout rooms, your grateful and honest presence made it even more special. Embodiment/movement/dance have a more exposed place in my life now” 
(about her first embodiment circle session)

- Ina, Germany


"I had quite a profound experience at the online embodiment circle. I felt safe and I felt seen. Her bright and playful personality encouraged me to really go with it, to drop deep and allow my shadows to show themselves. 
This work is not always light and easy, yet so important in my opinion. I’m glad to have found someone with Lailla that I fully trust and feel supported through any processes unfolding."

(about the Embodiment Circle)

- Katie Herman, SYD


Lailla's online program has opened up my universe & the love I now feel for myself is infinite 🥰
I opened up Pandora’s box of all those old traumas that had literally been trapped in my body for a very long time. The guided chakra meditation has helped me to create a daily practice…now, combined with the yoga classes & breathwork …it has made a permanent difference to my daily routine. I am serenity personified ☺️✨

Thank you Lailla, for helping me to make a positive change in my life💙

- Linda Rader, SYD


"It's hard to put into words, the experience, but it left me feeling grounded, light, and recharged like I woke up from an amazing nap. It was my first breathwork workshop and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to get into their body or anyone that just wants to experience something new, I highly recommend it."

- Paul, from Chicago


"I did Lailla's breathwork last Sunday and it was such an incredible experience for me. I've done that 3 times already and every time I do it it's a really good feeling bringing peace to myself. But also last weekend was special, I let go of a lot of feelings and emotions, and doing so brought me peace, and it help me through this week. It has been an amazing experience so far. Thank you for the opportunity to be with you again. I will see you next time."

- Gee, from SA


"The breathwork I experienced on Sunday was pure Bliss...
and all of a sudden my mind goes into this journey, my mind sees some psychedelic images, some past experiences, some future visions, it's hard to put into words...for me, it was quite gentle and I had a very happy blissful experience "

- Trish, from QLD


You will receive access to:

Monthly workshops

+ Embodiment Mini-Course

+  Embodiment Library

+ Yoga & Meditation Library

for only $47/month

Yep! You heard it right! $47/month! It's less than 2 drop-in classes in a Yoga Studio!

And here, we value your freedom: You can come and go as you like, there are NO lock-in contracts!

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Join the studio today!

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