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30 days Embodiment Challenge - Self Paced

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In our hyper-busy lives filled with never-ending to-do lists, it's all too common to lose touch with our bodies and exist in a state of disembodiment. Enter this Challenge as a radical act of self-love—an invitation to daily reconnection with our true selves. ***But what exactly is an embodiment challenge, you might wonder? It is an opportunity to deepen your connection with your body, through movement, breath, and sound. Embodiment and intuitive movement practices have been proven to be transformative on multiple levels but beyond the physical benefits, these exercises serve as potent tools for nurturing mental and emotional health, acting as antidotes to the stress and anxiety in our fast-paced lives. The heart of these practices lies in cultivating intuitive movement—a profound gateway to reconnecting with our bodies and the present moment. Personally, my journey with embodiment practices has been a revelation, unlocking increased creativity and a more finely tuned emotional regulation. And as a little bonus, I get a higher daily dose of FUN and FLOW in my life! This challenge has been crafted to be a simple and potent way to return home to your body, with 15-minute daily practices that will transform the quality of your day! What would happen if you were to start every day with a deeper sense of connection with yourself? Join us to find out! ----------------------------------------- The structure: Week 1: Exploring the body 2 embodiment Video Lessons Home practice: 10 min daily Week 2: Using Breath 1 Embodiment Video Lesson Home practice: 10 min daily Week 3: Moving with sound 1 Embodiment Video Lesson Home practice: 15 min daily Week 4: Deepening your attunement 1 Embodiment Video Lesson Home practice: 15 min daily Day 29 & 30: Self-honouring Final Practices 1 Embodiment Video Lesson Home practice: 15 min daily Click on the link below to register for the challenge, starting on Jan 15th

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