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Wed, 06 Mar



The magic of perspective - SIM

How to create different outcomes in our love life by manipulating our perspective.

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The magic of perspective - SIM
The magic of perspective - SIM

Time & Location

06 Mar 2024, 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm AEDT


About the Event

The Magic of Perspective: Unlocking New Realities in Your Love Life

A transformative mini-lesson on harnessing the power of perspective to shape the outcomes of our love lives. In this session, we'll delve into the profound influence of our unconscious thoughts and beliefs on our current reality, and explore how by shifting our perspective, we can pave the way for a future filled with love, fulfillment, and connection.

In this lesson we will be:

1. Understanding the Influence of Perspective:

Our perspective acts as a lens through which we perceive the world around us, shaping our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Often, we're not fully conscious of the beliefs and assumptions that underpin our perspective, yet they wield immense power in creating our lived experiences, including our relationships.

2. Unveiling Unconscious Patterns:

Many of the thoughts and beliefs that govern our love lives operate beneath the surface of our awareness, driving our behavior and influencing the outcomes we attract. By shining a light on these unconscious patterns, we gain the ability to recognize how they've been shaping our reality and limiting our potential for love and connection.

3. Cultivating Awareness:

The first step towards transforming our love lives is to cultivate awareness of our unconscious thoughts and beliefs. Through practices we can begin to observe the recurring narratives and assumptions that play out in our minds, and recognize their impact on our relationships.

4. Shifting Perspectives for New Outcomes:

Once we've identified the unconscious patterns that no longer serve us, we can begin to consciously shift our perspective to create new possibilities in our love lives. 

5. Embracing the new possibilities:

Ultimately, the magic of perspective lies in our ability to choose how we view ourselves, others, and the world around us. By recognizing that we have the power to shape our own reality through the lens of our perspective, we reclaim agency over our love lives and invite in the abundance of love, joy, and connection that we deserve.


As we conclude this mini-lesson, I invite you to reflect on the ways in which your perspective has been shaping your love life, and the potential that awaits when you choose to consciously shift your viewpoint. Remember, the power to create the love life of your dreams lies within you, waiting to be unleashed through the magic of perspective.

With newfound awareness and intentionality, may you embark on a journey of love and self-discovery, where every shift in perspective opens the door to a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Later in the class we move into our Q&A section, where you have the space to ask any questions you have or share your experience so far.

*Registrations will close 1h prior to the event starts, if you wish to join us please make sure you register ♥️


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