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Private Sessions

Time for transformation

If your heart is calling you for a deep exploration of your internal landscape and radical self-love please continue to read....


These private one-on-one sessions are an opportunity, tailored for those ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and authentic connection.

Is This Your Time?

If life's challenges have left you seeking clarity, eager to navigate your path with confidence, and ready to script the next chapter of your life, this is your moment

Through the transformative power of Breathwork therapy and embodiment work, you'll unveil the answers you've been yearning for. Trust in yourself will grow, unveiling the solutions to even your most intricate dilemmas.

This unique container provides a haven for inner exploration and transformation.

It's a judgment-free space where you can deeply connect with your body's innate wisdom.

Some of the benefits you may experience during the sessions are:

  1. Stress Reduction: Breathwork and Embodiment can help reduce stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and calming the nervous system.

  2. Emotional Release: It provides a safe space for emotional release and catharsis, allowing individuals to process and let go of suppressed emotions.

  3. Increased Energy: Many people report feeling more energized and revitalized after a session, as deep breathing oxygenates the body.

  4. Improved Mental Clarity: The practice can enhance mental clarity, focus, and a sense of presence, which can be valuable for decision-making and problem-solving.

  5. Enhanced Emotional Well-Being: It may lead to a more balanced emotional state, helping individuals better cope with life's challenges.

  6. Self-Exploration: It offers a means of self-exploration and self-discovery, allowing individuals to gain insights into their thought patterns and behaviors.

  7. Improved Relationships: Some practitioners find that it helps improve their relationships by promoting better communication and emotional intelligence.

  8. Spiritual Growth: For some, rebirthing breathwork is a spiritual practice that deepens their connection to themselves and their sense of spirituality.

It's a transformation odyssey that transcends words.

Your Exclusive Invitation:

If your heart resonates with this call, book your session today.
Limited spots are reserved for those whose hearts beat in harmony with this transformative work.

Your journey begins now. 

Choose one of the packages below and start writing the new chapter of your life story.



Breath Renew:
1 Single Private Session

Dip your toes into the transformative waters of breathwork with our single-session experience. In this soul-nurturing journey, you'll release accumulated tension, reconnect with your inner self, and experience the revitalizing power of conscious connected breathing. It's the perfect introduction to the profound benefits that breathwork can bring. If you're seeking a quick reset or curious to explore this modality, our single session is the ideal choice.

1x Session 60 - 75 min


Online - AUD $240

In-Person - AUD $280


Soul Connection:
3 Sessions + 1 integration call

For those ready to deepen their journey, this package offers three empowering sessions that serve as the key to manifesting what you've been calling into your life. Over the course of these transformative breathwork sessions, you'll release emotional baggage, enhance your clarity, and rediscover your sense of purpose. It's the path to inner rejuvenation, emotional balance, and newfound vitality.

3x Sessions of 60 - 75 min

1x integration call 15 min


Online - AUD $690

In-Person - AUD $790


Transformation Journey:
6 sessions + 1 integration call

This is our most immersive offering, designed for those committed to profound self-transformation. With six transformative sessions, you'll embark on a deep exploration of your inner world, unearthing your true essence. This is a soul odyssey that empowers you to release emotional blockages, embrace your authenticity, and step into a life filled with purpose and vibrancy.

6x Sessions of 60 - 75 min

1x integration call 15 min

Online - AUD $1320

In-Person - AUD $1560

Sessions & Packages Info:
- All online sessions are via Zoom, and all in-person sessions are in Sydney Northern Beaches on Fridays and Saturdays (check for availability)
- All integration sessions are via Zoom 

- Packages are subject to availability.
- For first-time clients, the sessions in packages 2 and 3 should be done weekly or at least within 14 days apart from each other. This way we can gain momentum to allow the process of transformation to take place.  
- If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message using the chat box in the lower right corner of this page.

Image by Guilherme Stecanella

This is for you if:

- You want to gain more clarity about a specific area in your life, or;

- You feel ready to heal an aspect of yourself or your life, or;

- You want to release an old way of being or; 

- You are curious to get to know yourself better as a human or;

- You are ready to receive insights from your higher self or;

- All of the above!

*This is NOT for you if:

- You expect someone else to heal you and is not willing to put on the work needed or;

- You are NOT willing to trust your body through the process.

What People Say:

Image by Brooke Cagle
"Lailla is an amazing practitioner and I highly recommend her services! I've had the privilege to work with her in one-to-one sessions for embodiment practices. I wasn't sure what to expect from our sessions before I had booked but each appointment provided deep insight into my inner world. Lailla is a beautiful soul and holds a safe space for her clients. I'm so grateful for the learnings that have come through our work together and will continue to use her services in the future."



If you desire to work together, but you are not too sure how to start please fill out this form and I will be in touch as soon as I can.


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