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Private Sessions

Private Sessions: Welcome

Applications are now open

I will be taking new clients from the beginning of April.

Private Sessions: Text

Hello Beautiful Souls,

If you have been feeling the call to work together in one-on-one sessions, please read the information below:

These private sessions will combine embodiment tools and conscious connected breathwork depending on your needs with the intention to support you in your journey to find more clarity and balance in life or to release an unwanted old belief or pattern that has been with you. This will be a space of non-judgment and deep curiosity where we explore what is alive in you in the present moment.

We'll work together to create a space where you feel safe and supported to let go so you can leave these sessions feeling lighter, more clear-minded, more spacious, and more at home in your body and life. 

Private Packages:

Option 1

- 3 private sessions (60-75min each)

- 1 integration session (15-30 min)

- Investment: $630

Option 2

- 6 private sessions of (60-75min each)

- 1 integration session (15-30 min)

- Investment: $1080

- All sessions are online, via Zoom.

- A variety of days and times will be available for you to choose from.

If this calls your soul, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch!

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Application form

I will reply to every application but please note that I only have space to work with a limited amount of individuals each month. 
This application form is confidential.

Would you be ready to start straight away?

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

Private Sessions: Job Application
Image by Guilherme Stecanella

This is for you if:

- You want to gain more clarity about a specific area in your life, or;

- You feel ready to heal an aspect of yourself or your life, or;

- You want to release an old way of being or; 

- You are curious to get to know yourself better as a human or;

- You are ready to receive insights from your higher self or;

- All of the above!

*This is NOT for you if:

- You can NOT commit to 3 (or 6) sessions, or;

- You expect someone else to heal you and is not willing to put on the work needed or;

- You are NOT willing to trust your body through the process.

Private Sessions: Text
Phil Jamieson.jpg

"Lailla is an absolute breath of soothing, healing energy. She is wonderfully committed, compassionate, and empathetic, while also incisive (and funny). I am deeply grateful for the healing she gently helped me find."

Phil Jamieson


"Yesterday I went to my first Shamanic Breathwork experience and…Wow, still so hard to put into words the amazing and profound healing it was. Even though I have the Yoga background where we do mind the breath basically at all times and also with specific exercises brought by Pranayamas, I’m over and over astonished to see how such simple yet incredibly powerful tool the breath is…My beloved sis and healer @laillasena held such a safe space for everybody that attended the session and that’s definitely what allowed the group to tap into what they needed, responsibly supportive, kindly nourishing…From my personal experience, I can tell the very few moments were as special and healing as yesterday, I passed through layers and layers of conditioning, thoughts, and emotions that lead me to unveil and meet my essence: the truthful and unapologetically me, fearless and authentic. I can still feel the experience vibrating in here, and it resonates as joy, confidence, and ease which are the fuel I needed to take action towards plans and dreams.I’m grateful for our ancestors that left to us with one more beautiful tool for self-work, live long to the ancient wisdom, all my love and gratitude!"

Yohanne Auana


"Until I met Lailla, I had never heard of breathwork. However having tried many forms of energy work, healing practices and on a continued journey for personal development and self-discovery I was open to the experience, but more so because I trusted Lailla. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and I went in without expectation. Before the event, I waited in a small room amongst people I didn’t know, I was tired and felt slightly anxious until Lailla arrived. Her energy both lit up the room with love and brought a sense of calm as she took the time to greet each of us with her smile and a hug.
During the practice, I felt safe, nurtured, propelled to bush boundaries, challenged and guided all at the same time, it was not like anything I have ever done before, and was clearly unique for all, as we learned when we shared our journeys afterward.
For me, the experience of Breathwork was profound, healing, mystical and empowering and a tribute to our healer, Lailla, who weaved us in and out of the darkness and light, opening our hearts and minds."

Dari Levy


Lailla's contagious heart energy and spirit have the power to create spaces of deep resourcing, inspiration, and connection. Her embodiment circle invited us all on a beautiful journey of movement and expression. I left with a radiant soul! I truly enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one.

Pascal Tremblay


"My private access bars healing with Lailla was incredible. I didn't know what to expect but within minutes I could tell it was something extraordinary. She was so in tune and everything she said was spot on. She actually addressed every single limitation in my life that I wanted to release! And I didn't have to tell her anything. I felt the shifts immediately and I can really see them in my life. I'm so grateful and can't recommend her offerings highly enough!"



"Lailla’s Access Bars sessions are very powerful and deeply restorative. I had my first session unsure of what to expect. From the moment we started to talk through to the grounding process and through the session itself I could feel her nurturing and supportive energy. We worked on some deeply seated wounds that are hard to access through other means. As a health practitioner with many years experience I will only recommend other practitioners who I know can genuinely help people on their journey to growth and change. Lailla’s work, indeed, does that! I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is a natural born healer!"

Gus Rickard


"It was my first time to experience Reiki, and truthfully I was unsure of the concept, but was open to trying. As the session starts, I opened up about my emotions and physical constraints in which Lailla listened open-heartedly. During the energy transfer, I was astonished by the fact that I was physically feeling the buzz in certain body parts, especially my chest, throat and my feet. Later I find out that Lailla was feeling the same energy in those body parts and she explained to me that those area represent my struggle to express my emotions and feelings. I felt relieved to hear that from her because those were my real struggles. Ever since the session, I have been tackling my issue in self-expression, and discovered a whole new side of myself. I stutter less, think clearer and can speak without feeling scared and ashamed. Thank you Lailla for a relaxing, reviving and life-changing experience!"

Nancy O'Keefe

Private Sessions: Testimonials
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