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Be part of the Tribe!

The Radiant Tribe is a Closed community where you will find just the most Radiant People whilst enjoying access to many supportive tools to support your journey of self discovery, self love and embodiment.

Check out some of the benefits below!

What's available in the Tribe Space?

Monthly Workshops

Always free for members!

Every month we have the opportunity to connect in an online workshop! These workshops will be a special space to connect with each other as well as to dive into a new experience. To check the upcoming Online workshop available to members head to the events section in the menu.


Yoga Classes Archive

Classes Anytime Anywhere

You will have access to an archive of online Yoga classes.
Choose from Slow Flow, Power Flow or Yin Yoga, depending on your mood and needs of your day.


Practices to support you in reconnecting with your body.

Here you will find access to some movement practices and pieces that will support you in getting out of the space of the mind and dropping into the body, so you can access a deeper layer of wisdom, let go of stress or simply strengthen your connection with the present moment!

Image by Chelsea shapouri

Meditation Archive

Quiet the mind

Enjoy a variety of different meditation practices. Some, guided by me, and some crafted playlists of my favorite teachers and artists.

Yoga philosophy Talks

Learn more about Yoga Principles

Have full access to a full series where, Julio Zavagli and I, speak about ethical rules within Yoga Philosophy: Yamas & Niyamas. 
We discuss each principle with a very practical approach and explain how these can be practiced in our daily lives.


Radiant Tribe Group

Connect with each other

This is our space to connect with each other, ask questions, and find out about monthly offers, exclusive discounts and upcoming events.

Exclusive discounts!

Get access to exclusive discounts

You will receive access not only to discounts to my favorite yoga and health shops but also to my in-person events! So you can feel that you can have everything you need to nurture your body and soul!


+ new content!

New content will continue to be added to this space.
The library keeps expanding as you continue to grow with us!

All this for only

Yep! You heard it right! $35/month! It's less than 2 regular coffees a week! Less than 2 drop-in classes in a Yoga Studio!
And you can come and go as you like, no lock-in contracts, cancel anytime!

Sneak Peek

Radiant Tribe

Check out what the Radiant Tribe Looks like from the inside!

Mobile Version in the Demo Video 

We value freedom!

Know that you can at any point cancel your membership.

I never like the idea of locking people in contracts! Here we value freedom!

My intention is to create such an incredible tribe experience that you will want to stay for a long relationship, learning and growing together in this Tribe Space.

- No lock in contracts -

- Come and go as you wish - 


How much does it cost?

Less than 2 coffees ($9) a week!
Yep it's that cheap!

Do I have to lock in a contract?

Nope! You can cancel your membership at any time. No minimum months required!

Can I come to any events for free when I sign up?

Besides all the recorded classes you can come to all Online Membership Events. Normally there will be 1 a month, but some months I may do more than 1.

Is this just for women?

All humans are welcome!
This is an inclusive space!

How often will I get new content?

You will receive access to new content (classes, meditations, talks, or tools) every week! Isn't that amazing?

Can’t find the answer to your question? Send me a message on the "chat box" on the right bottom corner of this page!

What people say

about Lailla's workshops and offerings

“It really was the first time when I felt free enough in a course to look NOT after what the other people are doing/contributing/movement skills but being present with my body - a huge game change 💕 the little breakout rooms, your grateful and honest presence made it even more special. Embodiment/movement/dance have a more exposed place in my life now”

- Ina, Germany
(about her first embodiment circle session)


Ready to start exploring this space and connecting with other like-minded people?

I've been pouring so much love into this space and I am so excited to share this journey with you!

See you there!

With Love,



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