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Radical Self Love: Welcome

It has been a long journey of not honoring our truth to the full extent, always prioritizing other people's needs.

This will be a journey of learning to cultivate a deep level of Self-love! And by doing so dramatically shifting every relationship in our lives.

You may notice that upon completing your course, you will attract new more fulfilling relationships as well as be able to release your attachment to old ones. 

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4 layers to reclaim your power and learn how to truly honor yourself!

About this Course


Once upon a time, I was perfectly "fine" from the outside. Everything looked ok! I had a good job, I was in a relationship, hanging out with friends on the weekend, having often a little more to drink than I should but who cares... My life was totally ok, FROM THE OUTSIDE perspective. What people didn't realize was that I was actually unhappy. I did not feel aligned or wanted in my relationship. I was doing so much to please others that I forgot to please the most important person of them all: MYSELF! 

It has been a long long journey of figuring out how I could actually cultivate Radical Self-Love. How could I restore my essence, honor my beauty, acknowledge my power? It had been a long journey because I didn't even know where to start. There was no road map. 

The reason I created this course is so you don't need to take the next 7 years going trhough unfulfilling relationships and trying to figure out how to change your vibration and find a deeper layer of self love that will bring you a more fulfilling life. Here I'm going to walk you through the most important steps and share with you the most valuable tools that I have used to transform my whole life into a deeply satisfying experience. These are the tools I have used to cultivate a caring and loving relationship with myself and to attract to my life a romantic relationship that I had asked for many years.  

That's how we are going to start:

Radical Self Love: About

"There is nothing more attractive than someone that knows their worth, embraces their unique beauty and unapologetically honors themselves"
- Lailla Sena

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- 4 Layers -

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Image by Aleksander Fajtek

Module 1

The physical layer

Here we learn how to honor our bodies! We explore our relationship with pleasure, movement practices and we learn how to listen to our body's wisdom.

Emotional Layer

Module 2

This module is about honoring our emotional and learning how to navigate them as well as learning practices that will support to balance our emotional state so we can learn how to love ourselves more deeply.

Image by Brooke Cagle
Image by Darius Bashar

Energetic Layer

Module 3

Here we start to explore boundaries and how we can create more of what we want in our lives by cleansing our energetic fields and setting clear boundaries.

Spiritual Layer

Module 4

What would it be like if we could truly trust divine guidance? Here we learn to trust our intuition, our calling and to be aligned with the path that brings us joy in life.

Image by Elia Pellegrini
Radical Self Love: Services

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This is for
you if:

- You are ready to take a step towards honoring yourself and your needs
- You want to be able to say "No" more easily
- You are ready to attract loving and fulfilling relationships in your life
- You want to shift some old patterns of behavior that no longer favor your path
- You are willing to learn new techniques and apply them in order to grow
- You are ready to enter a new phase in your life.

Radical Self Love: Text
Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

What this course is NOT:

This course is NOT a magic pill to solve all your problems. This is a space for you to learn powerful tools and to apply them in your daily life so you can live much more aligned with your truth and connected to your body and path. 
If you put in the work and do the exercises here in this course I can guarantee that your life will radically change!

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"We wish to attract someone that truly loves us, but what we need to realize is that our desire will only be possible once we first find that Radical level of Self Love"
- Lailla Sena

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Course Structure

Course content:

This course is designed to

Private Community

A space to connect with other like-minded people and ask as many questions you want!

Module 1: Physical

What does physical body love means
How to honor your body
Breaking old belief system on physical 
Honoring body practices
Tapping into the body wisdom

Radical Self Love: Services


Choose between:

Levels 1 & 2: Physical & Emotional - $660

Levels 3 & 4: Energetic & Spiritual - $880 


Levels 1-4 - $990  (valued at $1540)

Join now
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Radical Self Love: FAQ

Can I do this in my own pace?

The suggestion is to do 1 module a fortnight but of course, you can move as you wish. Some people might choose to take a little longer on each module. And that's totally ok. You will have a total of 6 months to complete the program.

Is this exclusive to Women?

Most of my content is designed for women although if you are a man and you feel called to do this course, you can still benefit from everything that is shared here.

Can I buy only modules 3 & 4?

This course has been designed with specific steps that should not be skipped. Each module is an important stepping stone to walking the path. You have the option to do the first 2 modules together or all 4. But modules 3 and 4 will only be available if you have completed 1 and 2.

Can I change my mind half way through?

You are investing in a course to change your life. How you show up is purely your choice and I highly encourage you to commit fully once you decide to dive into this path. This course is non-refundable. And this non-refundable payment is for your benefit. It allows you to be in absolute devotion & clarity.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Message me on the chatbox or e-mail me at hello.lailla@gmailcom

Join us in this journey:

Radical Self Love: About
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