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Watch the video below to discover why the techniques out there trying to teach you how to "get the guy" are doomed to fail. And what actually WORKS!

She is Magnetic


The step-by-step process to start attracting the relationship using embodiment work and becoming MAGNETIC!

And NEVER (and when I say never I mean NEVER) have to spend another night thinking if you are going to be growing old alone or waste your precious time watching youtube videos on techniques to get a guy that leads you nowhere.

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5 Stars Google Reviews

"Lailla is an amazing practitioner and I highly recommend her services! I've had the privilege to work with her in one-to-one sessions for embodiment practices. I wasn't sure what to expect from our sessions before I had booked but each appointment provided deep insight into my inner world. Lailla is a beautiful soul and holds a safe space for her clients. I'm so grateful for the learnings that have come through our work together and will continue to use her services in the future."

The path is layout for your step by step:


Module 1: The foundations

Gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the situation you have been experiencing.
So you don't need to have it repeated again! 
In this module, you will gain foundation tools that will support you (in a holistic way) in the journey to attract a new partner.

Module 2: Emotional Body

Together we will explore the emotional layers that have been working against your relationships. We will teach you techniques to rebalance your emotional field so you can feel less anxious and more confident while you start attracting (instead of repelling) that dream relationship


Module 3: Boundaries

Here you will enter the theme of boundaries, learning how to honor your own in a way that is perceived as extremely sexy and magnetic for men and simultaneously in deep alignment with your highest self. We will also explore the theme of Sex and why a lot of the advice out there is not working in your favor! Creating liberating Freedom!

Module 4: Principles of Priorities

Discover why he hasn't been making you a priority! In this module, we will demystify this! Once you understand the principle taught here you will learn how to change this FOREVER!


Module 5: Freedom from the past

This module will walk you through exercises to clean your energetic connection with your past relationships (sometimes even unknown).
You will learn how to finally be liberated from your EXs, opening yourself to start a new, more fulfilling relationship.

Module 6: The final key

This is the most simple yet powerful module of the whole course. You will find out here what has been the final key that will unlock the ability to manifest the relationship that is in deep alignment with your wildest dreams!
This module will change everything. This is the secret sauce, that will make you irrestistable and MAGNETIC!

Image by Edmund Lou
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"Lailla is an amazing practitioner and I highly recommend her services! I've had the privilege to work with her in one-to-one sessions for embodiment practices. I wasn't sure what to expect from our sessions before I had booked but each appointment provided deep insight into my inner world. Lailla is a beautiful soul and holds a safe space for her clients. I'm so grateful for the learnings that have come through our work together and will continue to use her services in the future."

Vesna Saric

I was in the mood for a home session of images. I completely forgot how challenging using the timer

This is an in-depth program, a very powerful container designed to not only to be understood with the mind but to really be felt in every layer of your being through embodiment work, allowing your own vibrational field to shift and combining Live sessions, so that this wisdom is so ingrained in every cell of your body that you will never need to read another book in the subject again and you will finally be able to feel loved, cared for in a relationship!

What is included:

Image by Apostolos Vamvouras

Step by Step process

Following these six modules, you can learn the step-by-step process to realign your vibration and finally attract a fulfilling relationship!

Woman with Computer

Video Lessons

You will learn in a dynamic and engaging way. Say goodbye to boring content. These highly engaging videos will make everything click and make it easy for you to know what was repelling the relationship of your dreams.

Image by Jennifer Marquez

Embodiment Practices

Each module will contain practices so you not only understand these principles intellectually but you actually get to embody them, changing your vibration and making you IRRESISTIBLE

Image by Chris Montgomery

Live Zoom Calls

If you ever feel stuck, we got you! You will have all the support you need in your journey! Unlike books or other evergreen courses, here you will have personalized support! Come to a live call and get all your questions answered!

Image by engin akyurt

Six Months container

With plenty of time to revisit lessons and practice! If that wasn't enough, you will also have access to the extra support of group Live calls for the whole 6 months!

Lovers Kiss

Bonus Section

This section will include the most asked questions during the course so you can get all your questions answered, so you never have to feel lost or stuck again!

Image by Klara Kulikova

Do at your own pace

You know what you want, and you can powerfully choose what you need! Do the lessons and practices at your own pace so you have more freedom to choose the best times in your busy schedule.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Who this course is for:

You are such a catch!

And you know you deserve the best!

But somehow when it comes to relationships recently you have been attracting guys who are not really making you anyway near their priority!

It all starts good, he puts in some effort, but then only when things start to look promising he goes COLD! He stops texting as much as he used to, he stops making time to connect, or even goes straight to ghosting you! 

You have seen some advice out there, and watched many youtube videos on this, but in some way, it all seems a little inauthentic and all over the place. 

You would like to end this cycle of uncommitted men and once and for all start to attract relationships that will be more fulfilling.

NO more playing games!

You are ready to attract a man who actually values you, wants to spend time with you, and is ready to COMMIT! Someone that loves you for who you are, that wants to share cuddles on the sofa, and create a life together!

If you can relate to this, this course is for you! 

Sneak peek

 Check out what the Program looks like from the inside (mobile version).

Put the sound on for a guided tour.


- 6 modules: Do at your own pace

- 6 months container (includes access and support through Live Monthly Group Calls)

- Easy-to-follow recorded Lessons

- Live Zoom Q&A calls (Participate Live or watch it later)

- Embodiment Practices

- Bonus access to my Movement Library

Investment AU$ 1260

(approximately £680 or USD 840)

Or 3x payments of AU$432

*Payment is processed in Australian dollars. The amounts mentioned in £ and USD is only an approximation. Please check the market if you need to know the exact amount in your currency.

What people say

about Lailla's previous workshops and offerings


"I had quite a profound experience at the online embodiment circle. I felt safe and I felt seen. Her bright and playful personality encouraged me to really go with it, to drop deep and allow my shadows to show themselves. 
This work is not always light and easy, yet so important in my opinion. I’m glad to have found someone with Lailla that I fully trust and feel supported through any processes unfolding."

- Katie Herman, SYD (about the online Embodiment Circle)


“It really was the first time when I felt free enough in a course to look NOT after what the other people are doing/contributing/movement skills but being present with my body - a huge game change 💕 the little breakout rooms, your grateful and honest presence made it even more special. Embodiment/movement/dance have a more exposed place in my life now”

- Ina, Germany
(about her first embodiment circle session)


Lailla's online program has opened up my universe & the love I now feel for myself is infinite 🥰
I opened up Pandora’s box of all those old traumas that had literally been trapped in my body for a very long time. The guided chakra meditation has helped me to create a daily practice…now, combined with the yoga classes & breathwork …it has made a permanent difference to my daily routine. I am serenity personified ☺️✨

Thank you Lailla, for helping me to make a positive change in my life💙

- Linda Rader, Sydney


"It's hard to put into words, the experience, but it left me feeling grounded, light, and recharged like I woke up from an amazing nap. It was my first breathwork workshop and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to get into their body or anyone that just wants to experience something new, I highly recommend it."

- Paul, from Chicago, (about the Breathwork circle)


"I did Lailla's breathwork last Sunday and it was such an incredible experience for me. I've done that 3 times already and every time I do it it's a really good feeling bringing peace to myself. But also last weekend was special, I let go of a lot of feelings and emotions, and doing so brought me peace, and it help me through this week. It has been an amazing experience so far. Thank you for the opportunity to be with you again. I will see you next time."

- Gee, from SA


"The breathwork I experienced on Sunday was pure Bliss...
and all of a sudden my mind goes into this journey, my mind sees some psychedelic images, some past experiences, some future visions, it's hard to put into words...for me, it was quite gentle and I had a very happy blissful experience "

- Trish, QLD


How long will it take to complete the course?

The suggestion is to do 1 module every one or 2 weeks. But you can choose to do this at your own pace and how you see fit your schedule best.

How long will I have access to this course?

You will gain 6 months of access to this course as well as the live calls. This will give you plenty of time to complete the whole training and revisit it if you wish, as well as to get personalized support in the Group calls!

I am a man or woman that desires to have a relationship with the same sex. Can I still do this course?

This course has been specifically designed for people who identify as Women that desire to have a relationship with a man. Here we are taking into consideration the dynamics between men and women. Some of the exercises and content here may support you in any relationship although some may not apply to same-sex relationships.

Is this course refundable?

This course is non-refundable, as we ask you to enter this space with your full commitment to transforming your life. Often if when we enter a container knowing that we can decide to quit halfway, we only commit halfway. This course is designed to fully support you to commit to yourself and strengthen your magnetic powers!

I've seen cheaper courses and programs, why is this more expensive?

It's important to say that this is not just another course you are going to buy.
This is a whole-life transformational experience. While other courses will try to focus on only one element (for example, mindset or changing actions) we will dive into a very holistic complete journey, touching the layers of the physical body, emotional, mental, and spiritual spaces, building a very strong foundation, resulting in the creation of a STRONG EMPOWERING MAGNETISM! Therefore exponentially increasing our ability to attract what we truly desire! In conclusion, this will be 100x more potent than any book you can read on the same matter!
You will also be receiving access to 1-2 coaching calls a month which will offer you the support needed if any questions comes up along the way.

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