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Mini Training

by She is Magnetic

Welcome to the She is Magnetic Mini Training. The intention of this training is to provide you with a good understanding of why finding a partner that is aligned with your desires has been so hard, up to this point, demystifying why men ghost or get cold, when things start to get more intimate and to create a clear path ahead of how to start to attract the relationship you desire by becoming MAGNETIC

This training will be Open from July 19th, 2023

But in the meantime, we would like to offer you a little gift! You can submit a question and have it answered by Lailla in the special Q&A section of this course!
Fill out the form below and get your questions answered!

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Got a question? ask away!

I will NOT mentioned any names as I answer the questions on video.
Rest assured your name will remain confidential.

Thanks for submitting!

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