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Start to attract the relationship you have been dreaming of, by becoming Magnetic.

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If you want to completely transform your love life, keep reading…



Deep down you know... know you are a catch! 

But recently you may have encountered moments of self-doubt.

You have succeeded in so many areas but somehow your romantic life doesn't seem to be going as planned… 

Don't worry, I get you! And I am here to tell you there is a clear solution for that.

No, you don't need to change who you are or give up on your dreams! 

You can have that incredible man by your side, who loves you and cares for you and actually wants to be in a committed relationship. 

But in order for that to happen you need to take a moment to remember… to bring back to life that confident beautiful and extremely attractive woman that is hiding inside. 

“She is Magnetic” is not a Program designed to change you… It is a program designed to guide you step-by-step through easy-to-follow lessons and embodiment work, so you can re-ignite that true inner glow, your own magnetic powers that will make that man want you more than anything!

Are you ready to transform your love life?

The path is laid out for you, step by step:
- what you will learn in the program -


The Foundations:
Gain a deeper understanding of the foundation elements to transform your love life as well as understanding the dynamics of the situation you have been experiencing (so you don't need to have it repeated again!).

Discover why your past relationships haven't made you a priority and exactly what to do to never feel again this way.


Emotional Body
Learn techniques to rebalance your emotional field so you can feel less anxious and more confident while you start attracting (instead of repelling) that dream relationship

Freedom from the past:
Cleanse your energetic connection with your past relationships, so you can be fully open to the new one!

Learn how to honour your boundaries in a way that is extremely attractive and magnetic for men and simultaneously in deep alignment with your highest self.

The Final Key:
Discover the final key, the secret sauce that nobody told you about. This will make you irresistible and incredibly MAGNETIC to the man that you have been calling into your life.

What is included:

Step-by-step guidance:

Remove the guessing work and gain access to absolutely everything you need to know to attract your next partner.

Pre-recorded Bite-size, Easy-to-follow Lessons

So you can watch it at your own pace and easily digest the content while putting things into practice.

Q&A Access:

Ask as many questions as you have, anytime! And you will receive personalized support during your journey.

Somatic and Embodiment Practices:

So you can truly embody the teachings and create long-lasting results.

Special Bonus Modules:

You will also receive access to my Movement Library (with over 20 movement classes), the Embodied Sexuality Program, and extra Master-classes containing valuable teachings to support your inner journey!


Get 70% off this week only!

Normally $1800
for 3 months access

but today you can access it for:

AROO-09157 (1).jpg

 Best Value

Monthly Membership


Step-by-step guidance

Pre-recorded bite-size Lessons

Q&A Access

Somatic and Embodiment Practices:

       + Bonus:

#1. Movement Library

#2. The Embodied Sexuality Program

#3. Mind and Body Master-classes 

Monthly payment of $180

*3 months minimum commitment, then cancel anytime. 

(normally priced at $600/month, you will save $1260! limited-time offer)

To claim the discount use the code EOFY70 at checkout

Annual Membership


Step-by-step guidance

Pre-recorded bite-size Lessons

Q&A Access

Somatic and Embodiment Practices:

       + Bonus:

#1. Movement Library

#2. The Embodied Sexuality Program

#3. Mind and Body Master-classes 


Only ONE payment of $1800

(save an extra $360! on top of the monthly membership!)

To claim the discount use the code EOFY70 at checkout

Some words from the magnetic women

When you complete this, you’ll be able to:


Feel Confident

in your own skin

During this program you will go on a journey that will boost your self-love and support you to become the most confident and authentic version of yourself in dating situation (and life!)


Say “GOOD-BYE” to overwhelming anxiety

You will learn exactly what to do when anxiety comes online and how to prevent this from happening. Say goodbye to overwhelming anxiety! Feel supported and relax in your own body!


Become extremelly Magnetic

You will not only learn, but also, fully embody all the principles of becoming magnetic to your dream partner. He will not be able to resist you!


This program will support you to NEVER (and when I say never I mean NEVER) have to spend another night thinking if you are going to be growing old alone. Every lesson here is going to be adding enormous value to your life so you can stop wasting your precious time trying to figure this out by yourself, or getting youtube advice that leads you nowhere near a long-term committed relationship.




Risk Free!

30-day money-back guarantee. 


If in in the first 30 days,  you still don't feel that this course is supporting you to become the most magnetic version of yourself and to attract your dream partner,  we will give you your money back!  Guarantee!

There is literally nothing to lose! And a whole new relationship to be gained!

Sneak peek

Click on the video and put the sound on for a guided tour. (mobile version).


How long will it take for me to complete the course?

The suggestion is to do 1 module every one or 2 weeks. But you can choose to do this at your own pace and in a way that best fits your schedule.

How long will I have access to the course?

You can choose how long you want to stay in the Portal, depending on which plan you choose. You can start with the monthly plan (which gives you a minimum of 3 months) or go all in and sign up for the annual plan for 12 months of access.  With personalized plans you will have plenty of time to complete the whole training and revisit it if you wish, as well as to get personalized support through the Q&A Bonus!

What if I buy the program and decide that this is not for me?

No problem at all, you will have 30 days to try it. If within 30 days you decide this is not for you, we will give your money back.

I am a man or woman who desires to have a relationship with the same sex. Can I still do this course?

This course has been specifically designed for people who identify as Woman and desires to have a relationship with a man. Here we are taking into consideration the dynamics between men and women. Some of the exercises and content here may support you in any relationship although some may not apply to same-sex relationships.


I've seen cheaper courses and programs, why is this more expensive?

It's important to say that this is not just another course you are going to buy. This is a whole-life transformational experience. While other courses will try to focus on only one element (for example, mindset or changing actions) we will dive into a very holistic complete journey, touching the layers of the physical body, emotional, mental, and spiritual spaces, building a very strong foundation, resulting in the creation of a STRONG EMPOWERING MAGNETISM! Therefore exponentially increasing our ability to attract what we truly desire! In conclusion, this will be at least 10x more potent than any book you can read on the same matter! You will also be receiving access to the Q&A bonus section which will offer you the support needed if any questions come up along the way.

Still have a question?

Drop me a message in the chat box below (right lower corner for Desktop)

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