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She is Magnetic - Live Group Calls - Jun 7th
07 June, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm AEST
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Testimonials on Lailla's breathwork workshops

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"The breathwork I experienced on Sunday was pure Bliss...
and all of a sudden my mind goes into this journey, my mind sees some psychedelic images, some past experiences, some future visions, it's hard to put into words...for me, it was quite gentle and I had a very happy blissful experience "

- Trish, QLD

Connected - Online Breathwork: Testimonials

About Connected - Online Breathwork Journey

Ready to deepen your journey of self-discovery?

Breathwork is a powerful way to access insights and release what you have been holding onto. You may find that old memories or emotions come up for release – and that’s totally normal.

Our subconscious mind is where all our memories, traumas, and emotions are stored. It's also the source of our creativity and intuition. Breathwork is a way to access this powerful part of ourselves and release what's been holding us back. It can be a powerful experience, and also incredibly rewarding.

When we clear out the old stuff, we make space for new insights and possibilities to emerge. This work can help us break free from stuck patterns in our lives and find new ways forward. 

Are you ready to start your journey?

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Testimonials on Lailla's breathwork workshops

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"Yesterday I went to my first Shamanic Breathwork experience and…Wow, still so hard to put into words the amazing and profound healing it was. Even though I have the Yoga background where we do mind the breath basically at all times and also with specific exercises brought by Pranayamas, I’m over and over astonished to see how such simple yet incredibly powerful tool the breath is…My beloved sis and healer @laillasena held such a safe space for everybody that attended the session and that’s definitely what allowed the group to tap into what they needed, responsibly supportive, kindly nourishing…From my personal experience, I can tell the very few moments were as special and healing as yesterday, I passed through layers and layers of conditioning, thoughts, and emotions that lead me to unveil and meet my essence: the truthful and unapologetically me, fearless and authentic. I can still feel the experience vibrating in here, and it resonates as joy, confidence, and ease which are the fuel I needed to take action towards plans and dreams.I’m grateful for our ancestors that left to us with one more beautiful tool for self-work, live long to the ancient wisdom, all my love and gratitude!"

- Yohanne Auana, Brazil

Connected - Online Breathwork: Testimonials

Limited spots are available.

For more info on breathwork and what it can do for you click here. 

This can be a very powerful practice and we will be using a connected circular breathwork technique during the session.

If you have any serious health conditions please consult your Doctor before signing up for this workshop and don't hesitate to contact me prior to booking.

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Lailla Sena

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