A 6 weeks online program designed to empower Women to live a life that is aligned with their true essence, by connecting with their bodies, uncovering their truth, and igniting the next level of self-expression.


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The choices we have made

Who are you really? Often we tend to shape our actions to fit with the social norm or expectations of who we should be. Let's take the time to bring clarity and acknowledge the truth of the choices we've made.

Connecting with our bodies

The body holds infinite wisdom. In this module we will learn how to listen and honour our bodies.

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Uncovering the truth

Without knowing we lied to ourselves. Deep down we have all the answers, we have only been scared to see and acknowledge. Ready to discover your truth?

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Acknowleging our desires

Many of us grew up with the idea that it is not socially acceptable to express our desires, that instead we should fit in with the norm, shape ourselves to what is culturally acceptable and nothing else. This changes here....

Finding our voice

Many of us grew up with the idea that it is not socially acceptable to express our emotions. When we were sad, we put a smile on and carry on, when we were angry, we pretended everything was fine. It's time for a change...

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Embracing your Wild

Do you allow yourself to be fully seen? In this program, we will practice not only getting comfortable in our own skins but showing up and being fully heard and seen as the powerful women that we are.


Know if this program is for you:

This program is for you if:

- You are a woman and want to connect with your inner power

- You feel like there is more about you to be seen than what you are currently showing

- You want to take your self-expression and power to the next level

- You want to feel more pleasure

- You want to feel more connected with yourself

- You want to feel more confident in yourself

- You want to be seen and heard

- You want to express yourself without needing to hide any parts of you

- You are ready to put in the work in order to see long lasting benefits

This program is NOT for you if:

- You are not ready to do the work to unleash your potential

- You expect someone else to take action for you

- You do not want change in your life

- You expect to magically have all your problems solved without taking action towards it

- You are under 18 years old

- You are a man


Program Delivery

Video Lessons & Online Library

All lessons will be delivered as video lessons and written handouts. You will have lifetime access to all the material provided so you can revisit it at any time.

Wild Facebook Group

Our closed Facebook group will be our space to connect with each other, share our experiences and find all the support needed during this journey.

Zoom Group Coaching

We will meet weekly on Wednesday nights at 8:15 pm - 9:15 pm in our Zoom Group Coaching. Here is the perfect space to ask questions, and deepen your experience.


Packages & Prices:

Early Bird:

Gold Package - 6 weeks online program + zoom group coaching calls: USD $495*

Diamond Package - 6 weeks online program + zoom group coaching calls + 2x 45min private session: USD $645*

The bonus zoom calls will run on Wednesday nights from 8:15 pm - 9:15 pm, for the 6 weeks of the program.

*Prices are in American Dollars

*Small group set up

*Limited spots available


Pre-launch section:


If you are reading this section it means you are thinking about work with me in this special pre-launch phase. 

What that means is that I have a special offer for you! Instead of paying full price for the Wild online program, I'm offering it to you for less than half price!

The Gold Package, which is normally USD $495, will only be USD $195!

In return, I ask you to give me a juicy (and honest) testimonial and feedback by the end of the program and let me know if you see any minor adjustments to be made ( such as spelling mistakes or links that didn't work). Easy as that! You get the full, complete program for less than half price and as an exchange, you share with me your feedback!

This pre-launch group will be a very small size (only 6 women) so before we go ahead I will ask that you can make sure you can commit to at least 4 out of the 6 group zoom calls (on Wednesday nights).

If that sounds incredible, fill out the contact form below with the Subject "wild" and in the message section answer "why would you like to work together" and I will give you a call soon to chat about the program! Note that because this is a small group set up, I will be selecting only 6 women that I feel would benefit the most to work with, so the spot is not guaranteed until we finalize the call.

Looking forward to working together!

*Pre-launch dates: Starting Nov 9th

*Zoom group coaching on Wednesdays nights at 8:15 pm - 9:15 pm for 6 weeks.

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"A woman is at heart, a wild creature"
-Renata Suzuki


My why (a few words from Lailla Sena)

My intention in creating this program is to open a space for women to reconnect with their wild side and rediscover their true power. In my own journey in life, there were many times when I felt I couldn't express myself fully. I felt judged and disempowered. There weren't many spaces I knew I could go to talk to women openly about what I was feeling without feeling criticized or shamed in some way. After many years of studying alternative healing practices, tantra, and movement therapies, I finally found my wild woman power back and I'm still rediscovering her as I walk this path of self-healing. From all that I have learned over the years, I want to share these powerful tools with you as well as learn from each other's experiences.

Love and blessings,

Lailla Sena


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