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If you want to reconnect with your sensual body, keep reading…


As women...

...many of us have lived years navigating the complexities of societal expectations. 

From a young age, we had been taught to believe that our s*xuality was either something to be ashamed of or at least a taboo subject not to be openly discussed or explored.


Growing up in a culture that often stifled discussions about s*xuality, we found ourselves carrying the layers of shame or repression, sometimes quite obvious, sometimes subtle. Intimate moments were tinged by anxiety as we struggled to embrace our deepest desires and communicate our needs openly.

This program comes as an opportunity to embrace our s*xuality, a joyous exploration of pleasure and self-expression.


Our bodies, once sources of shame, become sacred vessels of delight, deserving of love and reverence.

This container is for every woman who dares to reconnect with herself, embrace her worthiness, and revel in the boundless freedom of her own s*xuality.


It is a journey of love, self-discovery, and reclaiming the beauty and power of our s*xuality that have always been within us.

The Path:


01. Freedom from Shame:

We start by releasing the imprints of societal shame and taboo surrounding s*xuality, as we lay the foundation for a liberated expression.

02. Embracing Our Unique Self
Together we explore individuality and embrace the uniqueness of our s*xual identity. Uncovering our true beauty while feeling empowered to honor and celebrate our authentic self in all its complexity.

03. Energy flow
We focus on the energetic aspects of s*xuality, diving into the body's subtle energy and releasing blockages that inhibit pleasure and fulfillment. Reprogramming our bodies to experience greater amounts of pleasure

04. Reclaiming your sexy power:
The final week of the program is dedicated to reclaiming ownership of your s*xuality, as you rediscover the immense power that lies within.

Live Sessions:

May 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd - Thursdays 7:15pm (Sydney Time)


Early Bird - AUS $369 (only lasts until April 17th)

Regular price - AUS $495


If this feels edgy...

If you have spent a lifetime repressing parts of your s*xuality this may feel uncomfortable, edgy, and yet probably quite exciting!

And what a great opportunity to discover something new! The exercises we will practice can be done to your level of comfort.  

This container will be held with a lot of gentleness and safety. Everything we do is an invitation and you will encouraged to always honor your boundaries. 


Sorry men! This is a WOMEN'S Only container!

This is for women of all shapes, sizes, skin colors, and backgrounds.

Any woman who wishes to connect more deeply with herself, experience a greater sense of self-love, s*xual freedom and feel present in her body!

If you are interested but you are not sure if this is for you feel free to reach out to me via IG for a quick chat! 

With Love,

Lailla Sena

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